When I began my career as a Santa Claus representative, easily accessible resources were scarce. I was unable to find a site that had tutorials, written instruction, and mentorship all wrapped up into one package, especially on subjects and topics I needed immediate answers about. It wasn't until my third season that I was officially invited into the Christmas performer community and found some limited online instruction.


Within a few weeks, I noticed a lack of uniformity that still continues to exist in the Santa performer community. There are many individuals that don't look, act, or perform to the standard that the legendary figure of Santa Claus demands, and it has come to negatively impact communities across the United States. Good Santas are few and far between.

The whole purpose of the Jr. Claus Workshop is to provide a place of instruction for those just starting out who want to increase their level of professionalism. Unlike other Santa schools or workshops, this introductory course is able to stand on its own, completely online and accessible around the globe, and driven by a passion to improve the image of Santa Claus worldwide.


Being a patron of this site merely means you are a supporter of all the work that goes into building and maintaining the site and the video production. Many hours have been spent writing, filming, editing, and producing the videos found on this website. You could find the information scattered here and there from many different sources, but it has been compiled and organized on this platform specially for you.

It is the goal of the Jr. Claus Workshop to provide enough basic Santa Claus education to raise awareness in performers to increase their skill and craft when portraying and representing the most cherished figure in holiday history.

Join the cause today.

The Jr. Claus Workshop

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